On The Mark Private Investigations

My Vision Quest


My name is Mark W. Chauppetta I am a real life Private Investigator or, as I like to call myself, a Private Dick. The term private investigator is a noun and there are plenty of synonyms for my brother and sister PI’s like Sherlock, Flatfoot, Gumshoe and Sleuth to name a few.

You may wonder when did it all begin, well it began back in 1833 when Eugene Francois Vidocq, a French Soldier, criminal and privateer, founded the first known private detective agency…. ok, maybe you don’t give a rats ass about the late great Allen Pinkerton who started the first US agency in 1850 so I’ll move on. Whether you are a Baby Boomer (1946-1964), Generation X’er (1965-1982), or Millennial Generation (1983-2000′s) you mostly think of television when you think of the PI – such as Magnum, Spenser, Jim Rockford, Philip Marlow, and for all you equal opportunist woman Pamela Anderson from the hit 90′s show V.I.P.

Was I always interested in becoming a PI? To be honest, I never thought of it. I just fell into the job like most of moderately-motivated young adults do. I consider myself blessed or just lucky that I fell into something that I eventually realized was perfect job for me. The role of a PI is about the many hats we wear, the different acting roles you may play and a sense of power (and don’t forget shadiness) you can have.

I attended community college in the late 1980′s attempting to be a police officer and most importantly trying to make my dad who thought I was a lazy proud of me. Sadly, during the height of the affirmative action era, I ended up inside one of Massachusetts’ medium security prisons as a guard. Hey pop was from that silent generation (1925-1945) and was happy I was punching a time card and had benefits and a sweet retirement lined-up in twenty years.

To speed it up, in 1992 I left that roach infested place against Dad’s advice and headed west to chase my dreams of being an actor. After a few months in sunny LA I grew tired of serving wheat grass on Santa Monica Blvd making no money while trying to get casted on 90210, so I opened the phone book and fate drew me to LA PI Douglas Florence. The rest is history, so I gave up acting, made my way back east and worked my ass off until I was able to become one of Massachusetts’ best-known gumshoes.

That takes us to current times, a new world of computers, cells phones, databases, instant gratification, fast food and more importantly to me, higher divorce and crime rates … and here I am presiding over it all.

I’ve seen people’s darkest secrets come tumbling out at a dive bar after too many Jack & Cokes, and I’ve photographed far too many cheating wives and husbands rolling in the sheets with the biggest douche bags you can imagine. I’ve seen relationships crumble for just about every reason you can imagine and that, my new friends, has made me into the biggest, most cynical Dick on the planet.