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The Gumshoe Candidate

Jan 18, 2013

Doting father, aspiring politician, and Brockton’s ‘resident dick’ — the complicated life of Mark Chauppette

THE MARDI GRAS strip club, in downtown Springfield, is not the kind of place you’d necessarily want to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. The lighting in the club is trip-over-your-feet bleak. The Bud goes for four bucks a pop, and change from a 20 comes in $1 bills. The dancers, if you can call them that, spend most of the time on their backsides, maneuvering their labia to within millimeters of the faces of the men at the bar, who sit with their eyes fixed forward, grave and attentive, as if looking for clues. One man, dressed in blue jeans and a baseball cap, does not join the others sliding bills across the bar. Instead, he moves about the club in a quiet, purposeful way. The man’s name is Mark Chauppette, and there’s only one stripper he’s interested in today…  READ MORE


CHEATERS BEWARE – The Howard Stern Show

Dec 21, 2012

Howard welcomed Mark Chauppetta, Jojo Rider and John Lamb from On the Mark Investigations to discuss their business. Mark explained that men and women employ him to investigate whether or not their spouse would cheat. He uses Jojo and John as sexy, available decoys. Mark said 60% of the men go too far: “Men are pigs. You know that. They can’t resist temptation.” READ MORE


Howard Stern Questions A Former Scientology Private Eye

Dec 20, 2012

While we wait for reports on tonight’s drama in Beverly Hills — where Tom Cruise will be receiving a Humanitarian Award from the Simon Wiesenthal Center for all his years hunting down disembodied space aliens through the magic of Dianetics — there was a fun morsel for Scientology watchers this week right here in New York City.   On Tuesday, Howard Stern had on his show a private investigator, Mark Chaupetta, who does your run-of-the-mill stuff with cheating husbands and wives (Zzzzz). But the show picked up when Chaupetta began discussing his past as a PI working for Scientology… READ MORE

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