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BackgroundChecksWhen in doubt, check them out!

In any case where a new person is in a position of trust with you or your family, it makes sense to identify or verify some basic information about them.

Are they who they say they are? What is there marital status? Did they attend the school they were bragging about? Are they honest and do they have integrity? Let us at On the Mark check them out before you are put at emotional or physical risk.

New employee? New neighbor? Kid’s bus driver? Babysitter? Let the professionals at On the Mark Investigative Services, Inc. help put your mind at ease with a simple and complete background check.

Met someone online? With the all the anonymity that is provided by internet dating and chat services, it would be smart to check out that person before you set foot in their car. Check them out before you meet. It’s an unfortunate fact that there are some dangerous and disturbed people out there. Why put yourself at risk unnecessarily?

For a competitive price we can check criminal records, civil bankruptcy records, education records, marriage records, driving records, media coverage and much more to suit your specific needs.

For a background check please contact Mark at (508) 889-2882.



AssestSearchesWhether it is for research on a financial crime, divorce, or you just want to know, we at On the Mark can track assets for you!

We’ll look for real property, motor vehicles, watercrafts, civil judgments,  and much more to suit your needs.

Locating Assets

·       Assets are either personal property or real property.
·       An individual’s personal property includes everything he or she owns.
·       Assets are classed as either “tangible” or “intangible.”

Your objective in an assets search is to find something to attach – a vehicle, real property, a house. If the owner has homestead exemption on the house, you will not be able to touch it. However, if your subject owns the lot next door, you can attach the lot. If he owns an apartment building or other commercial building, you can attach those assets. The easiest asset to attach is bank accounts.

We do searches for:

·       Tangible Personal Property
·       Intangible Personal Property
·       Judgments
·       Collecting Child Support
·       If you are a private attorney looking to gather information for a client in a civil proceeding, call me about your investigative needs. I am well known in the legal community.
·       Some other reasons to conduct an asset search:
·       As a means of locating a person.
·       To learn about a person’s wages and income: these assets can be “attached” or “garnished.”
·       Before filing for divorce, to learn exactly what property and possessions are owned and by which parties.
·       If you are considering investing in a new venture, taking on an investor, going into a joint venture, or considering a merger, you should certainly conduct an assets investigation.
·       Be Wary of Cheap Internet Asset Search Services

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. If you pay $50 for an asset search on a web site, you are only getting a tiny part of the picture. It may just contain the most superficial and easily available information. My investigative experience will lead me to things someone behind a computer will never get. And my investigators are not above doing some trash picking or dumpster diving to find those obscure financial records or receipts. (I am a certified garbologistTM, myself.)

For a consultation or other questions about asset searches contact us at 508-889-2882



BodyguardCorporate, Government, & Special Event Bodyguards

Whether you are responsible for a corporate executive or a local celebrity in town, On the Mark can assist you when in need of protection. We’re also experienced at witness protection. Put you client at ease with our trained armed or un-armed professionals. We’ll be ready to prevent and diffuse any problem or situation before it happens, or respond with required force as necessary.


Are you traveling to an exotic and potentially dangerous part of the world? Having an experience bodyguard by your side when traveling to remote areas may give you peace of mind when you are in a place where local security and policing may be non-existent or corrupt, and Americans may be targets.

I once had a potential client call my office asking if I had a 6’5 350lb man who could watch her while she was at risk. I said ‘No Miss, I don’t, but I have a 5’7 185 lb man with a head on his shoulders, me.’ She agreed and was pleased. My training consists of over 20 years of grappling and submission training and most importantly a lifetime having a mom and dad who raised me to be a respectful man. Over the years, I have guarded some famous celebrities down to some dangerous criminals and given this I have learned that if you are confident and professional you will avoid 99% of all potential risks. And if that doesn’t work it does not hurt to be able to kick ass.

For a consultation or other questions about our services call 508-889-2882






EmployeeTermentationsOne of the most difficult things about being a business owner is firing or laying off employees, even when you know it is necessary.

If you are concerned about security and making sure everything goes safely and smoothly, we can help.

Let On The Mark termination services assist you with your next at-risk employee termination. Our team will make sure that your workplace remains fully functional. On The Mark will make sure that any at-risk employees makes it safely off the property without incident.

The danger of workplace violence is an unfortunate reality in this day and age. Whether you are terminating an employee to prevent this risk, or you fear a hostile termination may incite a problem, having trained security staff on hand is a smart precaution. We’ll be there to prevent a problem before it starts, or take action to keep your employees and business assets safe and secure, if your fears prove to be correct. On The Mark can also secure the building afterward to insure against any risk of retaliation.

For termination services call 508-889-2882





We Serve Subpoenas in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

We’re available for all of your summons, subpoena, and process server needs. We work with constables across the state. We can notarize your civil or criminal subpoena. Fast, reliable service guaranteed.

Probate Process and “Hard to serve” People our Specialty!

Have you had bad luck with your local process server, constable or Sheriff ? Have they sent back an important document with no service performed ? If so, let Mark of “On the Mark” use his investigator skills to get the job done. Sometimes it just takes a little more effort other than just knocking on a door to a three family household.

Has a previous process failed, by telling someone other than the subject at the door that they have a legal letter and when will they be home? An experienced process server should NEVER if you do this, yet I hear this all the time from lawyers who call me to clean up the mess.

If one is being served with a court document, and they know it’s coming, nine times out of ten they do not want to be served. Utilizing a little skill, experience, patience, and common sense works. I always say it takes more PI than process server to serve a paper. It does not have to be so hard. Please call us on your next service of process.

We work primarily in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, but also travel frequently to Connecticut, New York, Northern New England, and elsewhere across the country as needed.

Please contact Mark at (508) 889-2882 if interested.




On The Mark is a full service firm for all types of Business and Insurance Investigations.

When it comes to Insurance claim investigations, helping you save money is the bottom line. We can help you:

· Prove and prevent fraud from taking place.

· Prove legitimacy.

“An Insurance Policy Against the Insurance Companies”

If your business is facing a large insurance claim, and the Insurance company’s investigator isn’t doing a thorough job, a private insurance fraud investigation may be the best money you can spend for your business. We’ll be working for you, not for your insurance company. Their investigators may not be as dedicated to finding the fraud. They may be perfectly willing to settle and let your insurance rates go through the roof due to the claim. We’ve successfully saved several businesses tens of thousands of dollars in increased insurance premiums by finding clear evidence of fraud that the insurance investigator missed.

Please call On the Mark and put our experience to work for you. Licensed, Bonded & Insured.

For a consultation about an Insurance Investigation in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or elsewhere in New England, please contact Mark at (508) 889-2882.




On the Mark handles all types of electronic eavesdropping operations.

Cell phone and hard line tap detection, radio frequency, bug detection, room testing for RF, hidden microphones, and tape recorders. On the Mark will inspect telephone instruments, telephone systems, all hard wiring, (including cable lines), phone lines, electrical lines  On the Mark can locate and detect GPS trackers and GPS logger tracking devices in vehicles.

On the Mark only uses state of the art up to date measuring equipment