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Find Out For Certain!

Investigator Mark Chauppetta is a recognized expert at securing evidence of a cheating husband or wife or lover. He has years of experience at investigating, catching, and documenting evidence of spouses / boyfriends / girlfriends who have cheated.

Since the release of his book, Happens all the Time, Mark has been interviewed on countless radio and television shows across the county. He speaks regularly about his cheating investigations.

Statistics prove that cheating is on the rise and often women who feel their lover is cheating are correct 80% of the time. For men, they guess correctly 50% of the time.

Facing the unfaithfulness of a cheating spouse is a heartbreaking situation. But you need to know. So let us at On the Mark find out that truth and confirm your suspicions, so you can get the facts to move on with your life.

If you don’t want your husband or significant other to know you are looking into his habits, just in case you are happily wrong, he’ll never suspect. You can call from a friend’s cell phone, or email us from a secret free email address from yahoo or Hotmail. We can meet you in a public place to avoid suspicion.

Maybe it is a legitimate business event or conference, but what are they doing afterwards? Who are they spending there downtime with? Do you suspect someone either from work or local that may be occupying your spouse’s time? Have they traveled in the past and turned off the cell phone saying that they are tired?

Whether it is just to put your mind at ease or assist you in your probate case preparation, we at On The Mark can take care of any domestic investigation or surveillance needs of a suspected cheating husband, wife, or boyfriend/girlfriend. In the course of our investigation, we employ the latest in high tech GPS tracking , as well as old fashioned covert surveillance methods. Call for a free consultation, and we’ll tell you exactly what we’re prepared to do.


We provide both male & female decoy services of all types to test your spouse or lover. Call it unethical or just plain wrong but if you want to give it a go we will provide you the service.

Does your boyfriend or husband like blonds with big boobs? Brunettes who like sports? Does your wife or girlfriend like men in suits? or is she a sucker for a 6 ft Latin man?

You get the point. If you suspect that they may be unfaithful or considering it, let us put them to the test. We will send in an undercover agent into a bar or nightclub using a hidden surveillance camera device and may the truth be told.

For a consultation or other questions, please contact Mark at (508) 889-2882. Mention this site and “Web Offer #49” for a special, limited-time offer discounted web rate.




I know exactly how emotionally difficult it is to be without a lost love one, or to always wonder about a birth parent.

One example for me was when I was faced with the challenge of locating my birth mother well over 20 years ago. At the time, I was a rookie investigator who only had limited tools. However, with the use of an old computer and some good old-fashioned hard work, and hitting of the pavement, I was able to locate my birth mother in two days. To this day, we remain friends and we look forward to many years of new memories.

On the Mark likes to think of themselves as old fashioned when it comes to locates. The ease of computer searches can make an investigator lazy. It is a great tool, but it is just one tool. I describe using the computer with this baseball analogy – sometimes you will hit that homerun but more often than not, you will be hitting singles and will have to work a little harder to score that run.

Let us help you find that person.

We have performed successful location searches for many missing persons for any purpose, including:

· Birth mother/father/parents

· Old Friends

· Classmates

· Relatives

· Witnesses

Put our expertise in finding that missing person to work for you.

For a consultation or other questions about locating adoptive parents or missing persons give us a call at 508-889-2882.



PrivateInterventionHow I Got Started Doing Private Interventions

It all started when I received a call from a woman who contacted me to do investigation and surveillance work, to follow her 17 year old nephew, who she suspected was doing and possibly dealing drugs. She was afraid that he would be arrested and ruin his chance of getting out of his cycle of poor choices, and having a future.

I knew that she was extremely distraught about this young man she cared about, but simply didn’t know how to handle the situation. She hired me to find out exactly what he was doing, but she really already knew. After talking to her, I understood that what she really wanted was someone to try to help him and get through to him to help him change his life.

I told her about the hundreds of times I have spoken with, counseled and advised kids on the street while working as a PI and from my former life of trained as a Correctional Officer and a Deputy Sheriff.

In speaking with that young man, Private Intervention was born. Myself and my associate felt happy and confident that the heart-to-heart, guy-to-guy talk we had with this teenager just may have made him think twice about his options and his future. I know he was basically a good kid. We spent some time with him and made a positive impact on him, helping him think about a different path, and the many other options open to a young kid like himself to make his life better.

I’m not a PhD or a psychotherapist, but I am a (still) a young man who has street smarts and knows what it is like to learn the lessons of the streets. I’ve seen it all, and I know what people face and how they feel desperate, alone, or out of control.

So whether it is a drug related case or a domestic case, we can help. We may not be able to fix every problem, but we will offer a unique way of educating and informing the person in a way they can related to. And sometimes it really helps them just to know that someone (you) cared enough to send two tough but sympathetic Private Investigators to confront them.

For a consultation about a Private Intervention from myself and my team in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or elsewhere in New England, please contact me (Mark) at (508) 889-2882.



ParanormalWondering About the History of Your Home? Suspicious of Strange Noises?

Put our investigative experience to work for you to find out the facts about strange and suspected paranormal behavior.

On the Mark, Inc. has put together a dream team to conducting paranormal investigations throughout New England. Our team is made up of traditional investigators (fact finders), which is our specialty, along with clairvoyants, paranormal researchers and trained and dedicated enthusiasts. We offer reasonable rates and promise that all information obtained is confidential unless otherwise agreed upon.

We use the most modern ghost hunting and detecting equipment like EVP recorders, EMP meters, highly sensitive temperature gauges, and more.

In addition, we’ll put our extensive traditional surveillance experience to work. We are experts at high-tech video and audio recorders, as well as the patience and dedication you can only get from real world surveillance and tracking experience. And since you are dealing with a fully staffed and experienced PI firm, we will  utilize our top notch researchers to hunt down the a history of your home on a case by case basis, to explore the background and identity suspicious targets of possible past-spirits still occupying your space.

Ghost hunting is not as easy as it may seem. Often it results in having to spend lots of time, and energy with minimal and cryptic results. But my team and I treat this as a passion and will deploy all of our modern analytical equipment and investigative skill to help uncover any suspicious activity, as subtle as it may be.

OTM’s mission is to help obtain proof or make contact with a deceased spirit, or to prove the phenomenon is not at all paranormal. We start by proving that the spirit is present by our electronic equipment or by our clairvoyant with communication before we hunt.

Most cases that we work on where a person has heard voices, footsteps, seen images,  or even witnessed a door of chair appearing to move on its own. Spirits often avoid live people, although it has been documented that on occasion they will physically interact with a person.

Ghost Hunting aka paranormal Investigation is part science, parapsychology, metaphysics, and as we see it at On the Mark Inc, pure investigation.

And as good investigators, we don’t have a stake in the outcome. We only want to bring you the facts. If we find perfectly normal explanations for your suspicious activity or sounds in your home, then we’ve done our job.

Please call (508) 889-2882 for a free consultation of our services.




On the Mark handles all types of electronic eavesdropping operations.

Cell phone and hard line tap detection, radio frequency, bug detection, room testing for RF, hidden microphones, and tape recorders. On the Mark will inspect telephone instruments, telephone systems, all hard wiring, (including cable lines), phone lines, electrical lines On the Mark can locate and detect GPS trackers and GPS logger tracking devices in vehicles.

On the Mark only uses state of the art up to date measuring equipment